Current research on non-hierarchical companies

Together with my colleagues from Finland Futures Research Center, Aalto and Hanken, we have been busy in the past weeks putting together a research agenda and securing the participation of interested companies.

The theme is non-hierarchical companies Рcompanies that have abandoned the belief in hierarchies and are instead exploring a way of running a company based on self-organizing, emergent direction setting, intrinsic motivation and emphasis on culture. At the heart there is a fundamentally different belief about the nature of humans. These companies believe humans are inherently good, trustworthy and wanting to do the right things. If you believe in that, then a lot of the policies, middle management coordination, processes, control mechanisms and other ingredients of bureaucracy that are evident everywhere actually become irrelevant.

Here is the project description’s most current version (subject to weekly revision):¬†Project description – non-hierarchical companies 2015-03-26

If you’re involved with a company that has either implemented these new ways of working, or wants to start the journey, please get in touch as we are on a constant lookout for new companies to study!

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