Jos de Blok, CEO of Buurtzorg, visiting Helsinki 4.8.2015

I’m happy to announce that together with Ossi Kuittinen and a bunch of other frieds, we have the honor to host a seminar in Helsinki on 4.8.2015 featuring Jos de Blok as the keynote speaker and panelist!

You can find the invite to the event here: Future of Work – Jos de Blok et Buurtzorg 2015-08-04 Helsinki

The event Facebook page is here and the place to get your (free) tickets is here.

Briefly on Buurtzorg: Itis an organization of 9000 nurses (that is about 70% market share in Netherlands) that is entirely based on self-organizing nurse teams with no formal hierarchies and minimal bureaucracy. Its’ remarkable growth (from 4 to 9000 in less than 10 years) was possible as customers loved the customer-centric care model that Buurtzorg uses, and nurses feel they can finally focus on nursing instead of running from home to home to deliver tightly timed “nursing products”. Ernst & Young estimated the Buurtzorg model also saves the Netherlands 2 BEUR every year as it is more efficient and reduced the frequency and duration of hospital visits by over 50%. Read more on the model and the first Finnish pilot here.


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